Organize a Secret Santa with family, friends or colleagues

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Secret Santa organizer

How does it work?

Get together a group of family, friends or colleagues who wish to participate, and use to organize your event. Participants will draw lots, in secret, to determine who gets a gift for whom. There can be one or more recipients per gift-giver, depending on the method chosen for drawing lots. On a chosen date, everyone gathers to exchange gifts.

Event preparation with customized rules
Draw lots
The participants start their draws
Looking for gifts
Everyone find the gift
Gifts exchange
We exchange gifts on the Big day
  • Organize a Secret Santa remotly!

  • 3 draw modes: A) Secret Santa until the Big day, B) Revealed to all from the draw C) Full secret to all until the big day

  • Define rules for drawing

  • Exchange anonymous messages with your Santa

  • Compile your wish list (proposed models) and share it

  • Contribute to the respect of our Planet!


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