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You have a group (family, friends, colleagues) that agrees to participate? Organize a secret santa with Each person will draw lots, in secret, one or more persons (depending on the drawing method used). Everyone gathers and offers everyone their gift.

  • Manage a remote draw (Secret Santa)

  • Define drawing rules between participants

  • Exchange messages anonymously

  • Write your letter to Santa (proposed models) and share it

  • A draw followed and without cheating

  • A service that respects your personal data

  • 3 method of dissemination of the results: revealed at the time of the draw, on D-Day or Secret forever

  • A totally free service



 Our family was split left and right last year, with the overseas experiences of many of us. We decided to launch a Secret Santa via Tirokdo in November so that everyone could send a gift on time. It was a great success! The anonymous message system allowed us to share the Christmas period together, even when we were far away, and especially reserved for some frank laughs! 

A familly, february 2017

 Until now, we celebrated Christmas in the company during a small traditional cocktail. Since last Christmas, to bring some fun, we use Tirokdo to make us gifts (Secret Santa) within the department with all the colleagues. Great moments of emotion at the unpacking and good memories from all sides! 

Tati, Décembre 2016

 Last year, we launched a big Christmas draw with the whole family, we all got together to celebrate it, a little later, during holidays in the Alps in February, in a big chalet! The Christmas spirit was really there! 

Stéphanie, décembre 2016

 With our friends, we wanted to give each other gifts to celebrate the end of the year and to give each other gifts. We launched a Secret Santa on the theme "winter sports" (15 euros max per gift), it was great, lots of laughs at the opening! We're doing it again this year!! 

Clément, janvier 2017