Organize a Secret Santa with family, friends or colleagues

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Secret Santa organizer

How does it work?

Get together a group of family, friends or colleagues who wish to participate, and use to organize your event. Participants will draw lots, in secret, to determine who gets a gift for whom. There can be one or more recipients per gift-giver, depending on the method chosen for drawing lots. On a chosen date, everyone gathers to exchange gifts.



Event preparation with customized rules


Draw lots

The participants start their draws


Looking for gifts

Everyone find the gift


Gifts exchange

We exchange gifts on the Big day

  • Organize a Secret Santa remotly!

  • 3 draw modes: A) Secret Santa until the Big day, B) Revealed to all from the draw C) Full secret to all until the big day

  • Define rules for drawing

  • Exchange anonymous messages with your Santa

  • Compile your wish list (proposed models) and share it

  • Contribute to the respect of our Planet!



 Last year, we arranged a big Christmas draw with the whole family. We all got together to celebrate, a little later, during our holidays in February in a big chalet in the Alps! The Christmas spirit was truly with us!  

Stéphanie, December 2016

 Our family was scattered around the world last year, with many of us abroad. We decided to arrange a Secret Santa using already in November, so that everyone would have enough time to send their gifts before Christmas. It was a great success! The messaging system allowed us to enjoy the Christmas period together, even though we were far apart, and above all allowed us to share many laughs!! 

A familly, february 2017

 At my company, we usually celebrate Christmas with a small, traditional cocktail party. Last year, to add a fun element, we used to organize a Secret Santa and exchange gifts among colleagues in my department. The unwrapping provided moments of great emotion and happy memories all round! 

Tati, December 2016

 As friends, we wanted to exchange gifts to celebrate the end of the year. We organized a Secret Santa themed "winter sports" (maximum 15 euros per gift). It was great fun and the unwrapping of the gifts had us rolling with laughter! We're doing it again this year!! 

Clément, January 2017