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Disclosed on September 14, 2023

Organizing a gift exchange by drawing lots offers many options for organizing an original and fun event.

Here are a few examples of the rules of the game you can suggest to your group to organize your gift exchange:

  • DIY (Do It Yourself): Organizing a DIY gift exchange involves making your own presents. This can include handmade gifts, such as crafts, homemade cakes, personalized cards, or even coupons for services you offer, like a massage or gardening help. It's an option that adds a personal and creative touch to the party.
  • Theme: Choose a theme for the gift exchange, such as "travel gifts" where each gift is linked to a specific location, or "gourmet gifts" where it's all about food and drink. Themes add a fun and creative dimension to the gift exchange.
  • Second-hand gifts: Opt for second-hand or vintage gifts. This can include antique objects, old books, or second-hand clothes in good condition. It's an eco-friendly option that encourages recycling and reuse.
  • Experiential gifts: Rather than material objects, offer experiences, such as tickets to a concert, a spa session, an outdoor excursion, or a subscription to a streaming service. Experiential gifts create lasting memories.
  • Charitable gifts: Instead of exchanging traditional gifts, choose to make a donation to a charity or cause close to your heart on behalf of your family. This adds an altruistic dimension to the celebration.
  • Digital gifts: In an increasingly connected world, consider giving digital gifts, such as apps, e-books, subscriptions to online services, or even e-gift cards.

The option you choose will depend on your group, your preferences and your values. Whatever approach you take, the main objective should be to create special moments of sharing and love during the holiday season.

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