Release 2017!

Published on 10 Oct 2017

We are pleased to announce the new 2017 version of!

In addition to the small graphic refresh aimed at making the management of your draw run more fun and enjoyable, we have also added a few improvements, summarized below.

Excellent preparation!

News about the draw organization

3 ways to reveal the results

  1. Mode 1 - Secret until the day D: the results are revealed on validation of the organizer in 2 steps
  2. Mode 2 - Secret forever: only the person who made the draws knows. The results are never revealed
  3. Mode 3 - Results revealed as soon as the draw is launched: all participants can see and consult the results on the draw space

Create your new print using your history

No more tedious entering e-mail addresses! Load the list of participants from a previous event in just one click.

For Gmail users, you can also benefit from auto-completion based on your address book (for those who would worry about this, this data is not stored at all).

What's New for Draw Participants

Possibility to share your list with Santa Claus on 3 levels:

Two proposed sample letters for Santa Claus:

Use Emojis (😊) on your letters and messages!

Automatic e-mail reminders in the case you forget to write a letter to Santa Claus

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